Wilson Exterior Cleaning specializes in a soft wash - low pressure cleaning process that uses a solution to wash away all of the mold, mildew, and dirt from the roof without causing any damage to the roof or granules!

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning - No Pressure Roof Washing

At Wilson Exterior Cleaning we provide a low-pressure roof cleaning or soft wash roof cleaning. Soft Wash roof cleaning protects your roof from granule damage, using a fan spray lighter then a garden hose, the detergent is applied killing mold and mildew!

Benefits of Soft Wash roof cleaning:

  1. Boost your home's curb appeal!
  2. Kill the mold and algae growing on the shingles! Mold and debris also shorten the lifespan of the shingles and causes premature replacement costs.
  3. Roof stains can increase utility bills! Studies have shown that the darkening effect caused by roof stains traps excessive heat under the roof. In some cases, this can be as much as 25 degrees. This heat shortens shingle life and increases air conditioning cost.

Why You Should Never Pressure Wash your Roof:

Pressure washing a roof strips the granules from the roof and can take off years from your roof's lifespan, forcing you to spend your extra savings on a roof replacement!

On top of costly damage, pressure washing your roof can even void your roof warranty.

The photo to the right shows the roof mix being applied to the roof safely, you can see the mix killing the mold.

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